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Make sure you look at our vast range of low price log cabins for sale - all at great prices! If you are thinking of buying a Log Cabin or a Residential Log home then look no further.   
We sell more than just log cabins (at very low prices). We also sell all types of Timber Garden Buildings at great value -
  • Insulated Garden Offices 
  • Garden Rooms 
  • Sports Pavilions   
  • Timber Cabin Classrooms (which are suitable for school classrooms and comply with all of the relevant regulations)   
  • Summer Houses   
  • Quality Sheds   
  • Strong Heavy Duty Workshops

Log Cabins up to 2.5m wide
Log Cabin Log Cabins up to 2.5m wide

Our log cabins up to 2.5m wide are listed below. The wall which has the primary set of access doors is deemed to be the width dimension o .Product Details >

Log Cabins up to 3m wide
Log Cabin Log Cabins up to 3m wide

Our log cabins 2.6m - 3.0m wide are listed below. The wall which has the primary set of access doors is deemed to be the width dimension .Product Details >

Log Cabins up to 4m width
Log Cabin Log Cabins up to 4m width

Our log cabins 3.1m - 4.0m wide are listed below. The wall which has the primary set of access doors is deemed to be the width dimension .Product Details >

Log Cabins up to 5m wide
Log Cabin Log Cabins up to 5m wide

Our log cabins 4.1m - 5.0m wide are listed below. The wall which has the primary set of access doors is deemed to be the width dimension .Product Details >

Log Cabins up to 6 m wide
Log Cabin Log Cabins up to 6 m wide

Our log cabins 5.1m - 6.0m wide are listed below. The wall which has the primary set of access doors is deemed to be the width dimension .Product Details >

Over 6m wide Log Cabins
Log Cabin Over 6m wide Log Cabins

Our log cabins more than 6.0m wide are listed below. The wall which has the primary set of access doors is deemed to be the width dimensi .Product Details >

Log Cabins To Buy
Log Cabin Log Cabins To Buy

We have many log cabin designs to buy, from the very small log cabins right up to the largest log cabins available which can be used as m .Product Details >

Corner Timber Cabin
Log Cabin Corner Timber Cabin

Log Cabins for Corner Plots Have you been endlessly searching for a log cabin that will fit into that small, awkwardly shaped area of .Product Details >

Pay monthly finance for your cabin
Log Cabin Pay monthly finance for your cabin

Finance for garden buildings We have partnered with Ideal4Finance to offer you a range of garden cabin finance options t .Product Details >

Custom Bespoke Cabins
Log Cabin Custom Bespoke Cabins

Custom made cabins can sometimes be the only option that customers have due to the shape of the plot or some other restraint. We at Horto .Product Details >

Pent / flat roof log cabins
Log Cabin Pent / flat roof log cabins

Pent Roof Log Cabins There are a number of shapes and sizes within this category to choose from, but we can also supply all of the Ho .Product Details >

Garden Rooms for all occasions
Log Cabin Garden Rooms for all occasions

We offer any outbuilding to any shape, size, design and most importantly any specification as well. Thus we can even offer gardeb buildin .Product Details >

Home Offices
Log Cabin Home Offices

Offices & Studios for your own garden Work from home in comfort & style one of our Garden Offices or Studios, which can be ei .Product Details >

Garden Summer Houses
Log Cabin Garden Summer Houses

Summerhouses to buy A wide range of styles AND specifications- eveything from simple garden rooms which are ideal for the summer mont .Product Details >

Workshops, Sheds, Potting Sheds
Log Cabin Workshops, Sheds, Potting Sheds

The word "shed" covers a number of different garden buildings- it could be a simple storage shed for garden tools or furniture .Product Details >

Extras- timber & uPVC windows/doors
Log Cabin Extras- timber & uPVC windows/doors

We sell all kinds of optional extras that are needed to complete or repair your garden building - Timber windows and doors .Product Details >

Woodpro Garden Buildings
Log Cabin Woodpro Garden Buildings

Woodpro timber buildings can be designed by our customers to their specifications using our Woodpro Configurator -   .Product Details >

Wooden Garages & Carports
Log Cabin Wooden Garages & Carports

Thereare many different ways to build timber garages, most options are covered in this category. The Beamlock post and beam construction .Product Details >

Round/D profile Log Cabins
Log Cabin Round/D profile Log Cabins

Not only do we offer a huge range of cabins but we also offer a lot of different wall styles and designs- they can have a flat or rounded .Product Details >

Wooden Houses
Log Cabin Wooden Houses

Interlocking residential log houses and homes are fast becoming a popular choice within the UK. They are very quick to build (a 3 bedroom .Product Details >

Wooden Pavilions and Clubhouses
Log Cabin Wooden Pavilions and Clubhouses

Pavilions and clubhouses to buy We offer a number of different sizes of wood based clubhouses and pavilions which can be just one lar .Product Details >

School Classroom & Nurseries
Log Cabin School Classroom & Nurseries

This choice of building is becoming more and more popular for schools as they provide lovely teaching spaces for a fraction of the cost o .Product Details >

Gazebos and Pergolas
Log Cabin Gazebos and Pergolas

Everything from simple garden shelters to grand bespoke garden follies - we offer the full range. Each structure can be built with just p .Product Details >

Insulated Twinskin Cabins
Log Cabin Insulated Twinskin Cabins

Our Twin Skin log cabins have been developed over the years such that they are far superior to any other "so called" Twinskin, .Product Details >

Lugarde Log Cabins
Log Cabin Lugarde Log Cabins

Lugarde have many unique designs that set them apart from the crowd, all made to the highest standard with state of the art machinery to .Product Details >

Bertsch Holzbau Structures
Log Cabin Bertsch Holzbau Structures

Bertsch Holzbau structures make great focal points for the garden, naturally drawing your gaze to admire the quality of the workmanship t .Product Details >

More about Hortons
Log Cabin More about Hortons

See much more about Hortons using our social media channels below Click this link wh .Product Details >

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What is a log cabin?

The difference between a log cabin and a standard timber building is that log cabins have no framework. Being built from thick interlocking logs, so they don't require any framework to hold them together. Whereas a timber framed building has a number of layers. Having a thin cladding nailed to the framing on the outside (usually shiplap or featheredge), just like garden sheds. Then possibly a lining material nailed to the inside. This means you get much more timber for your money with a log cabin. This in turn means interlocking cabins are more substantial and better insulated. They have many uses, some as a Summerhouse or Garden Studio. Or at the other end of the scale, they can also be Log Cabin Houses for living in. Our Twinskin options are ideal for this and can fully comply with UK Buildings Regulations.   

We are base in Horsham, West Sussex (just south of Gatwick Airport, about 1 mile off the A23). But we can deliver to the whole of the UK. Please click "shipping information" at the bottom of this page for our free delivery areas for any of our log cabins. We can deliver outside of these areas at extra cost. 

Log Cabin kits for sale UK

It's not just our standard cabins at low prices. Bespoke and custom build timber building designs are our speciality and still great value for money. We can help through the planning stages and regulations regarding your log cabin or timber framed building.   
DIY "Made to shape" Cabins- a further innovation we can now offer is a design your own cabin range. These cabins are square boxes which have 4 walls, roof and floor. You can then add a non-square lean-to cabin onto this so that it becomes any shape you desire. This is ideal for fitting into those awkward shapes at the bottom of a garden. The customer can also choose the position for the doors and windows exactly where you want them. These are all pre-hung and pre-glazed. This is a very quick and easy operation to do giving the customer the exact cabin required. No more having to fit in with a standard design which may not suit it's intended site.

Log Cabin Specifications

We often sell cabins with Scandinavian and Canadian style themes. For example, we also make our cabins with round logs. And also "D" profile log - round faced on the outside and flat faced on the inside.
We can offer high quality red, green or black felt shingles. Or if you require a virtually indestructible roof that looks great then we stock recycled rubber roof tiles. These not only look just like natural slate for a roof cover that's long lasting and durable against the elements. Another option we offer is EPDM rubber roofing. This is one large rubber sheet with no seams or joins, hence the manufacturer can offer a 20 year warranty.
Our windows and doors have factory fitted glass (not Perspex) and are double glazed as standard. With the exception of the 28mm wall thickness cabins which are single glazed. But we can offer the option for double glazing for these as well.

Insulated log cabins

We can also offer fully insulated cabins (roof, walls & floor) for comfortable all year round use. This is our Twinskin range, which offer fantastic insulation values - better than a mobile home as standard. Or we have an upgrade which will fully comply with UK Building Regulations 2022. Meaning they are ideal for habitation at a fraction of the cost of a traditional new build house.
Come to Factory Cabins Direct for low price log cabins!