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Log Cabins Up To 5m Wide

Our log cabins 4.1m - 5.0m wide are listed below. The wall which has the primary set of access doors is deemed to be the width dimension of the cabin in spite of the direction of the ridge line, thus we'd additionally recommend that you look in alternative sections just just in case we've classified your cabin differently compared with how you might expect (ie, a 5.0m x 4.0m cabin could be shown within the "up to 4m" section rather than "up to 5.0m" section due to the position of the doors - however please keep in mind that we can move the door position if requested, subject to a modification fee)

We can add additional windows and doors to any of our ranges, which may re-model a typical cabin into your ideal building, or we will quote for tailor-made buildings to any size (we need all measurements - dimension, depth, overhang depth, ridge height, doors and windows and any internal partitions needed - ideally shown on a really straightforward plan view).