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Log Cabin Flat Roof Summer Houses

Log Cabin Flat Roof Summer houses

Flat roof summerhouses give a more contemporary look to what is a traditional garden building. We can also offere the paints as well should you wish to replicate the chalets in their entirety.

Log Cabin Flat Roof Summer houses Available

1.8x1.8m Lugarde Prima Thomas flat roof garden room
1.8 x 2.4m Lugarde Prima Thomas
3x2.4m Lugarde PE03 28mm summerhouse
5m x 2m Garden Cabin with Veranda
Lugarde Flat roof Log Cabin Vermont 3m x 4m
3.6 x 3m Lugarde VS403 44mm wall thickness
6x3m Lugarde Prima Jake Garden Room
6.6 x 3m Lugarde Prima Julia
6x3m Lugarde PR24 Summerhouse with flat roof
6.6m x 3m Lugarde Prima Summer House
3.0 x 4.8m 44mm Lugarde Prima Winston
4.2 x 3m Lugarde SP40B 44mm wall thickness
Lugarde Pro System PS6 Summerhouse
4.2 x 4.8m Lugarde Prima Lucas 44mm wall thickness
Sophia Pergola & summerhouse combination - 6m x 6m
3.6 x 4.2m Lugarde PR17 Garden Room
7.2 x 3m Lugarde Prima Summerhouse
6x3m Lugarde Prima Garden Room
Lugarde Pro System PS2 Summerhouse
7.2 x 3m Lugarde Prima Pentagonal Summerhouse
5.4 x 4.2m Lugarde Prima Tom Garden Room
6.0 x 3.0m Lugarde Prima Jennifer
6m x 4.2m Lugarde Prosystem Summer House
Lugarde Pro System PS3 Summerhouse
7.2m x 3.6m Lugarde Prima PR12 Garden Room
6.6 x 2.4m 44mm Lugarde Prima Victoria
8.2 x 3.5m Lugarde PS13 Pro System Summerhouse
4.8 x 4.8m 44mm Lugarde Prima Linda
6m x 6m Lugarde Nottingham Garden Room
7.8m x 4.8m Lugarde Glass Walled Garden Room
9.6m x 5.4m Lugarde Prima PR42 Combination Garden Room