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Log Cabins |Ascot 7x3m Log Cabin| Ascot 7x3m Log Cabin

Log Cabin Ascot 7x3m Log Cabin

Log Cabin Ascot 7x3m Log Cabin

7x3m Log Cabin - Ascot pent roof design

  • 7m Overall log cabin width
  • 3m Overall log cabin depth excluding roof canopy
  • 2.3m Rear wall height
  • 2.5m Front wall height
  • 3 x single windows 1230x710mm
  • 1 pairs of fully glazed double doors
  • 1 x structural archway


Log Cabin Ascot 7x3m Log Cabin Available

Ascot 28mm 7m x 3m
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7x3 Ascot Twinskin 45 + 45mm log cabin
Ascot 90mm 3.0m x 7.0m
7x3 Ascot Twinskin 60 + 60mm log cabin
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