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Log Cabin Preston 45mm 6x7m log cabin

Log Cabin Model: 2159-6070-45-20S

Log Cabin Preston 45mm 6x7m log cabin



Log Cabin 6m x 7m Preston Specification

This log cabin has 45mm strong double tongue and groove interlocking logs

  • Log cabin width: 6m, not including any roof overhangs
  • Log cabin depth: 7m, not including front roof overhang (8m inc front canopy)
  • Ridge height (gable roof): 2.9m
  • Eaves Wall Height- 2.1m
  • Number of rooms in this cabin- 2
  • Front Roof Canopy- 1m (total cabin depth = 8m)
  • Roof and floor boards - 19mm solid wood T&G boards (not sheet material)
  • All of our log cabins (excluding 28mm wall log thickness) are double glazed as standard

Also Included With This Log Cabin

  • Double glazed single windows 1230x710mm : 2
  • Single door, fully boarded 1855x850mm : 2
  • All Doors are supplied with handles and high security Euro lock system
  • Internal partition
  • Insulation kits available for all year round use
  • Tanalised floor bearers spaced every 400mm thus providing a very strong floor
  • Please make sure that you allow for the roof overhangs at the side and rear of the cabin when you measure your plot

Extra Information & options available for this cabin

  • Factory applied Rystix timber preservative
  • Roof shingles, felt or Fixings
  • Veranda
  • Raised timber base kit
  • Upgrade to 28mm floor boards from standard house strength 19mm boards
  • All of the wall, roof and floor timbers used in our log cabins are solid boards, not finger jointed
  • Our log cabins are measured log end to log excluding any roof canopies or overhangs
  • Need advice? Please call us on 01403 888222 for helpful and free advice any day of the week from cabin experts who have real experience – we aren't just sales staff selling a product that we've never seen or touched
  • More options and prices are listed below.................

PID: 3697


I want to modify the size/design of this building
  • Change building size / move, add or remove windows or doors, call for details
  • Change from half glazed door/s to fully glazed door/s (free option)
  • Reduce the building height to 2.5m (free option)

  • Change roof style option
  • Increase or reduce height, Pent or Flat, call for details

  • Fixing Kit - includes enough nails and screws to build this cabin
  • Required £55.55

  • Roofing Felt in Rolls
  • Enough Felt Roll for this building £347.33

  • Felt Shingles (self bonding - 10 year manufacturers warranty and lifespan of up to 30 years)
  • Required, please choose colour below £888.99

  • Colour and shape of felt shingles (if chosen in the box above)
  • Please choose from this dropdown menu
  • Black square
  • Green hexagonal
  • Red hexagonal
  • Red square
  • Black hexagonal
  • Green square

  • Recycled rubber roofing slates (50 year manufacturers warranty)
  • inc. underlay & nails £5,309.64

  • EPDM rubber roofing, easy self-installation
  • Seamless rubber sheet, includes all adhesives and uPVC trims required £2,101.92

  • Onduvilla roof tiles with fixings/accessories, 15 year guarantee
  • Required, please choose colour below £1,758.26

  • Onduvilla roofing colour
  • Red
  • Green
  • Brown

  • Glazing upgrade (for standard windows and doors only)
  • Safety glass not required
  • Upgrade Double Glazed Float Glass To Double Glazed Safety Glass £326.00

  • Upgrade standard side-hung windows to inward opening tilt & turn
  • Upgrade 1 window £39.93
  • Upgrade 2 windows £79.86

  • Georgian bars (require fitting over standard glass panes)
  • Required (free option, standard windows/doors only)
  • Not Required

  • 3000 sq mm Trickle Vents (brown)
  • 1 required £29.07
  • 2 required £58.14
  • 3 required £87.21
  • 4 required £116.28

  • Upgrade to house quality 68mm glulam windows and doors
  • 24mm float glass (toughened glass not required), insulation U value = 2.7 £1,645.52
  • 24mm toughened thermal glass, U value = 1.1 (exceeds habitable building regs) £1,971.52

  • Extra partition walling (extra charges will apply if factory painting and/or installation is also required)
  • Extra 6m internal partition wall £878.46
  • Extra 6m internal partition wall and door (door can be fitted into any wall, internal or external) £1,181.93

  • Timber base kit
  • Raised timber base (inc. anti-rot recycled plastic posts, concrete & pressure treated timber) £1,894.20
  • Building regulations compliant timber base - price may be subject to change (soil type / slopes / etc) £2,841.31

  • Weed and damp-proof membranes
  • Weed membrane- prevents weeds under cabins and raised bases £140.55
  • Damp-proof membrane inc. edge trims - stops rising damp through concrete bases £245.97

  • Roof & floor insulation kit for single skin cabin
  • Fibreglass kit for Roof (150mm + extra internal T&G ceiling) & Floor (50mm) £786.78
  • Roof (40mm Celotex + 100mm fibreglass + internal T&G ceiling) + Floor (40mm Celotex) £1,744.14

  • Floor Upgrade
  • Upgrade To Heavy Duty 28mm Floor Boards £279.51

  • Veranda (the roof canopy measurement remains as listed in the building specifications)
  • 1.5m deep veranda
  • Custom size veranda by request
  • I require my veranda to be factory painted £126.45
  • Raised Timber Base for Veranda 1m deep £203.96
  • Raised Timber Base for Veranda 1.5m deep £305.94
  • 1m deep veranda £319.44

  • Fire protection coating Class B - s1,d0 (ie better than UK Building regulations Class 0)
  • Required, contact us for details

  • Factory painting - timber is planed, not sanded before treatment is applied
  • 1 coat of colourless insecticide & fungicide - wall logs only £1,161.02
  • 1 coat of colourless insecticide & fungicide - roof and floor boards only £1,162.06
  • 2 coats, Remmers Aidol HK (translucent) - wall logs, windows & doors, please choose colour £3,459.15
  • 2 coats, Teknos Aquatop 2600 (semi-opaque) - wall logs, windows & doors, please choose colour £3,459.15

  • Colour choice for Teknos Aquatop factory applied treatment
  • Type your Paint Here...
  • TEXT

  • Colour choice for Remmers treatment
  • Stone pine
  • Ebony
  • Fir green
  • Frisian blue
  • Mahogany
  • Nutwood
  • Palisander
  • Rustic oak
  • Salt green
  • Silver grey
  • Teak
  • Remmers treatment not chosen
  • Further colours available, please ask for details
  • Chestnut
  • Clay grey
  • Granite grey
  • Graphite grey
  • Hemlock
  • Light oak
  • Mist grey
  • Platinum grey
  • Sand grey
  • Tuscany grey
  • Water grey
  • Window grey
  • White
  • Anthracite grey

  • Self application paints - Sadolin Classic / Superdec / Remmers - long lasting protection
  • Required, please choose colour £326.31

  • Danish Oil Internal Timber Treatment and sealer (self-application)
  • Required for ceiling only £137.87
  • Required for walls and ceiling £354.90

  • Floor Varnish For Log Cabin (self application)
  • Clear Duratough Floor Varnish £129.09

  • Gold star base coat (self-application)
  • Enough for all sides of all wall logs (colourless) £233.89
  • Enough for all sides of roof & floor boards (colourless) £365.57

  • Cabin images on our website may also show optional extras (roof coverings, verandas etc). The paint colour images on our website may vary to the colour of treatment you purchase. You should try a sample pot first - paints & stains are non-returnable.
  • All surfaces (internal and external) of your log cabin must be painted with an appropriate timber treatment or sealer

  • Installation
  • I require my timber basekit to be installed at extra cost (please ask for details)
  • I require my veranda to be installed £79.86
  • I require my roof and floor insulation kit to be installed £859.83
  • I require my garden building to be installed - 12 month workmanship guarantee £1,876.71