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Log Cabin Fully boarded standard cabin single door

Log Cabin Model: 1565850SGFBSD

Log Cabin Fully boarded standard cabin single door



Our Hortons brand of standard cabin doors are built to last being constructed of heavy duty Glulam timber (laminated timber for stability and strength) with t&g boarded panels. The specifications are as follows:-

Over-all frame size (excluding architrave trims) - 0.85m wide x 1.86m high
Opening size - 0.77m wide x 1.77m high
Draft-proofing gasket all round
Mortice & tenon joints all round
Internally beaded for high security
Fully adjustable hinges (up/down - side to side - in/out)
Rebated meeting door stiles with draft-proofing gasket (not square cut with cover fillet) for better weatherproofing
Door thickness - 4cm (finished size) for high strength
Locking mechanism - Primary door: Eurolock with deadlock on second turn of key

PID: 3971


3000 sq mm Trickle Vents (brown)
  • 1 required £29.07
  • 2 required £58.14