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Log Cabin Lugarde Log Cabin Venice 6x6m

Log Cabin Model: BS03-BS04

Log Cabin Lugarde Log Cabin Venice 6x6m



Venice Log Cabin

All Lugarde models are delivered with real glass in the windows and doors
Pressure treated floor bearers
A choice of red, black ,brown or blue felt shingles
Chrome or brass metalwork
  • Wall thickness: 44mm
  • Cabin width:    6.0m
  • Cabin depth:    6.0m
  • Eaves height:    2.5m
  • Ridge height:    3.25m
  • Double glazed casement windows PE40T x 2
  • Double glazed fixed windows PJ07T x 2
  • Double glazed double doors PE41T x 2
  • View installation videos for this log cabin - click here

* The cabin includes a built-in canopy and verandah which is approx. 4m wide x 3.5m deep.

A T shaped cabin which has half of the depth (3m) as internal space and half as the external covered area, and looks an absolute picture. The rear cabin is 1 big room which is more than big enough for a large table and chairs, possibly to sit down and eat the food which has been cooked in the front covered area on the barbeque?


PID: 4053


Wall thickness / roof style
  • 44mm wall log + apex roof
  • 68mm wall log + apex roof £2,648.68

  • Roofing material
  • Black felt shingles
  • Blue felt shingles
  • Brown felt shingles
  • Green felt shingles
  • Red felt shingles

  • Lugarde factory applied treatment
  • Windows and doors fully factory finished- please call for price
  • Pre-treatment - Transparent Blue-Grey £2,346.89
  • Pre-treatment - Transparent Green £2,346.89
  • Pre-treatment - Transparent Light-Oak £2,346.89
  • Pre-treatment - Transparent White £2,346.89

  • Roof & floor insulation kit for single skin cabin
  • Required £1,404.21

  • Installation
  • We can install this garden building, please ask for details and prices