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Log Cabin 6ft x 6ft Overlap Reverse Apex Shed

Log Cabin Model: SI-001-001-0103

Log Cabin 6ft x 6ft Overlap Reverse Apex Shed




The Overlap Reverse apex takes the traditional shed and turns it on its side. The door is placed on what would normally be your side gable. Not only does it make the shed more attractive, but increases functionalitywith the door and window positioned on the wider section of the building.The sheds in this range are constructed with overlap timbers and use styrene glazed windows to reduce the chance of shatter compared to glass.
  • 7mm Thick overlap cladding
  • 1 Fixed styrene window
  • 28 x 28mm Framing
  • Solid sheet roof and floor
  • Single door with padbolt
  • Height:   217cm
  • Width:    178cm
  • Depth:   180cm

PID: 4511


  • Northern Ireland
  • Scotland Highlands
  • Wales North West
  • Wales South West
  • Republic Ireland
  • Postcodes PO30 - 40
  • South West Cornwall
  • UK Mainland
  • Scotland West Coast

  • Portabase
  • 6ft x 6ft

  • Installation
  • Shed installation required
  • Shed and portabase installation required