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Log Cabin Corner Pent roof Shed


Log Cabin Corner Pent roof Shed



Corner plot shed

A fabulous looking shed designed to fit into the corner of your plot - much better looking than a regular square shed that doesn't look quite right nestling into a corner.

  • 100% Pressure treated building
  • Redwood shiplap cladding
  • Heavy duty mineral felt
  • Extra strong framing in the roof
  • 75mm x 50mm Framework with diagonal braces
  • Tongue & groove roof & floor cladding
  • Floor beams and bearers with 3 inch clearence for air flow
  • 2 fixed windows 
  • 1 pair of double doors

We have this strong pressure treated corner shed on display in our large showground, please come and see how good it is.

PID: 4817


Building size required
  • Please choose
  • 6x6ft £1,043.90
  • 7x7ft £1,186.90
  • 8x8ft £1,318.90
  • 9x9ft £1,571.90
  • 10x10ft £1,813.90

  • Window upgrade
  • Upgrade to 1 opening window £44.00
  • Upgrade to 2 opening windows £88.00

  • Mains connection can be quoted for separately
  • 4 Twin sockets, 1.2m tube light , switch & RCD unit £764.50

  • Security grilles
  • 1 required £33.00
  • 2 required £66.00
  • 3 required £99.00
  • 4 required £132.00

  • Replace standard toughened glass with perspex (free option)
  • Required

  • You will need a clear access through to your garden without height restrictions
  • I confirm that there is a clear pathway to the build site without height restrictions
  • Panels will need to be cut down into smaller panels to carry them to the build site - contact us for details
  • Please click the appropriate option below

  • You will need a very flat, level base for the building to be installed upon
  • I confirm that the base is perfectly flat, level and solid with no bumps or troughs, and is large enough
  • I don't have a (suitable) base - please choose a base option below:-
  • Please click the appropriate option below

  • Extra bearers for sheds
  • Extra bearers for 6x6ft shed £99.00
  • Extra bearers for 7x7ft shed £110.00
  • Extra bearers for 9x9ft shed £126.44
  • Extra bearers for 8x8ft shed £182.60
  • Extra bearers for 10x10ft shed £226.60

  • Platform base for sheds
  • Not required, my existing base is large enough and perfectly flat and level
  • 6x6ft preformed timber base £196.90
  • 7x7ft preformed timber base £245.30
  • 8x8ft preformed timber base £320.10
  • 9x9ft preformed timber base £405.90
  • 10x10ft preformed timber base £501.60

  • You will need 300mm clearance all round the base to allow for roof overhangs
  • I confirm that there is at least 300mm of extra room all round the building
  • I do not have 300mm clear space all around the building - please ring Hortons to discuss
  • I do not require the free installation service and will install myself (price remains the same)
  • Please click the appropriate option below

  • Free delivery/installation area
  • Charges may apply outside this map, please ask for details