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Log Cabin Helena 4 - 4.5m octagonal wooden gazebo

Log Cabin Model: helena4

Log Cabin Helena 4 - 4.5m octagonal wooden gazebo



Helena 4 - 4.50m Ornate Octagonal Wooden Gazebo Specifications

• Outside post dimensions: 450cm across the diagonal
• Roof-projection: all around = 70 cm
• Side-wall-height: 244 cm 
• Ridge height (approx) 400 cm
• Roof-area: 30.5 m² 
• Slope 35 degrees

Optional extras

Felt shingles available
Trellis balustrading
Trellis wall panels
Solid wall panels
Copper roof cap
If there was ever a garden centre piece building, then this is it. It is one of the most attarctive garden buildings you will ever see. Add optional trellis or solid wall panels to suit.

PID: 4854


  • Copper cap for pyramid style roof £110.05

  • BHB felt shingles (choose colour, already included in price)
  • R01 (red, square pattern)
  • R02 (green, square pattern)
  • R03 (black, square pattern)
  • R04 (blue, square pattern)
  • R05 (brown, square pattern)
  • B01 (red, round pattern)
  • B02 (black, round pattern)

  • No base fixing bolts/screws/fixings are supplied as these could vary depending on the type of base that is being fixed into. It is the customer's responsibility to source these themselves, according to their own specific requiremenrts.
  • TEXT

  • Installation
  • I require my timber basekit to be installed at extra cost (please ask for details)
  • I require my garden building to be installed - 12 month workmanship guarantee £1,900.67