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Timber Framed and Clad Homes

There are many methods to building houses, but one way that is becoming more and more popular is timber framed because they are very fast to build on site (a lot of the work has already taken place off site in a factory).

Hortons can supply numerous designs and styles - bungalows, chalet bungalows, 2 story houses and many more. All are built from timber panels and craned into position on site to form the structure - the larger the house, the more panel required.

Modern UK building regulations are very stringent but our buildings are manufactured so that they will comply, this is a typical croos section through an external wall-



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There are many variables involved in building large log cabins or timber framed buildings. We can quote once the final design and specification has been decided (ie. Factory painting)
  • I don't need an installation quote for my building
  • Yes, please quote for my building installation (Hortons will contact you to discuss this)