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Log Cabin Lugarde Emma Lean-to gazebo - 7x3m

Log Cabin Model: AE25

Log Cabin Lugarde Emma Lean-to gazebo - 7x3m



Emma Lean-to Verandah

The Winston lean-to timber gazebo measures 8.6m wide x 4m deep and comes with a pitched roof complete with felt shingles, supported by 10 posts. It comes with low height balustarding around the sides and towards the middle, leaving an entrance in the centre.
There is also the option of adding more solid wall panels, balustrade hand rails and a pressure treated floor to go with it, thus making it your own unique outside space next to your house - ideal for summer evening meals!

PID: 4868


Roofing material
  • Red felt shingles
  • Green felt shingles
  • Brown felt shingles
  • Black felt shingles
  • Blue felt shingles

  • No base fixing bolts/screws/fixings are supplied as these could vary depending on the type of base that is being fixed into. It is the customer's responsibility to source these themselves, according to their own specific requiremenrts.
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