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Log Cabin Raised timber base kit - UK Building regs compliant

Log Cabin Model: Building Regs Basekit

Log Cabin Raised timber base kit - UK Building regs compliant



This base kit is made up of the following items:

  • Weed membrane for each pad
  • Plastic grids with pea shingle fill
  • Concrete pads with height adjustable metal connector brackets.

A big advantage is that you do not have to dig deep trench or pile foundations - only shallow holes need to be dug to get rid of any vegetation and get down to virgin soil, then the plastic grids are laid on the weed membrane within each hole and filled with pea shingle (for stabilisation) and then finally the concrete pads are laid directly on top of these.

That's the foundations complete once the pads are laid out to the prescribed dimensions as shown on the plan that is provided with them. Extra sole plates are available if the ground slopes, enabling you to build the lower ons up to the same level as the highest pad.

The timber base is then built on top of these pads using large section tanalised timbers, joist hangers and coach screws (again, as set out on the plans).

The price of this heavy duty raised timber base is dependant on many factors (size, weight of building on top of it, design of building, etc) - we can quote you for this once we know the various parameters.

NB - If the building needs to comply with building regulations, it will need a full set of structural calculations (these vary with soil type, slope of the ground etc). We are able to provide these calculations at a cost - price is dependant on how large and complicated the design is.


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